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Assessment of randomness of structured light based on Hamming distance

Structured light, such as pseudo-random spots, parallel lines and grids, is a known pattern projecting on to a scene. By catching the deformation of the structured light when it strikes on to the objects in the scene, the vision systems can calculated the depth and surface information.

For a pseudo-random-spot pattern, the randomness is critical for the performance of 3D scanners. Many methods can be used to assess the randomness of the spots. Hamming distance is one of them. The following tables shows the Hamming distance of a famous 210x165 structured light pattern.

Sub-window size 11x11 13x13 15x15 17x17 19x19 21x21
Minimum Hamming distance 9 16 25 36 48 61

Wuxi OptonTech Ltd can design pseudo-random-spot patterns with high performance indicated by the Hamming distance..

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