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Glass-free 3D Tablet by Wuxi Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Scientists from Wuxi Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University have developed glass-free 3D tablet computers. According to sources from the university, the technology has already been applied in industrial fields. It is expected to be used in consumer electronic products in one or two years time.

The technology employs the most advanced "all-glass cylindrical lenses" (or gratings), which possess higher brightness than "slit gratings", and higher transmission and longer life expectancy than "traditional cylindrical lenses" (or gratings). The glass-free 3D technology puts 3D lenses (or gratings) on the surface of the screen, which allows users to watch 3D movies without glasses. The scientists have used unique free vision-zone and vision enhancement algorithms, leading to smoother 3D vision transition and better comfort. The technology supports 120Hz 3840x2160 super-high resolution, and can be used to receive 3D television channels directly.

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