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Analysis and assessment of narcissus of diffractive surfaces in IR systems

Chinese Science Bulletin, one of the top Chinese Scientific Journals published a paper on the analysis of narcissus of diffractive surfaces in IR systems, written by Tao Liu, Qingfeng Cui, et al., scientists from Changchun University of Science and Technology, in January 2012 (vol. 57: 36-41 DOI: 10.1360/972011-1106  ISSN: 0023-074X CN: 11-1784/N). This paper investigated the reasons for the generation of narcissus of IR optical systems containing diffractive surfaces, and pointed out the differences of narcissus between diffractive and refractive surfaces. Multiple diffractions occur when light is incident on diffractive surfaces. The paper analyzed narcissus in terms of diffraction efficiency. The approach of paraxial ray tracing of diffractive light was used, and novel criteria were given for the assessment of diffractive surfaces. An example of diffractive-refractive hybrid system was given for the analysis of the influences of diffractive surfaces on narcissus. The achievements offer novel approaches for the analysis and assessment of diffractive surface in IR systems.

This reports was written by Wuxi OptonTech Ltd based on the Chinese Abstract of the paper without the review of the paper's authors. Wuxi OptonTech Ltd does not hold any responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

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